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Our emailing list, “URA@Hokkaido,” has proceeded to its next stage and been renamed “Hokudai URA-NeW”!

“Hokudai URA-NeW” (previously known as “URA@Hokkaido”) is an emailing list that facilitates information exchange among URAs and others who are interested in or engage in research promotion, support, and university management.
It is operated and administered by the Research Development Section of Hokkaido University.
Those who agree with the following terms and conditions can join this emailing list.
Seminars and events hosted by the Research Development Section are also posted to this list.

How to Join

To join the emailing list “Hokudai URA-NeW,” click the “register” button at the bottom of this page to access the registration form.
Fill out the form with your name, email address, phone (mobile) number, affiliation, and job title. All of this information is mandatory. It is optional to provide us with your work details and what you expect from the Hokkaido University Research Development Section.

On this website, your personal information will be collected and handled in accordance with Hokkaido University’s personal information management regulations. We ask you to refer to our personal information handling policies prior to your registration.

We collect your personal information to

  • disseminate information on events
  • send you notifications and ads
  • ask you to help us with data collection, analysis, or research development
  • implement other incidental business

Terms and Conditions

1. Purpose

This emailing list aims to facilitate information exchange among URAs and others who are interested in or engage in research promotion, support, and university management.

2. Name

This emailing list is called “Hokudai URA-NeW.”

3. Administrator

“Hokudai URA-NeW” is administered by Hokkaido University Research Development Section.

4. Registrant

Anyone who agrees to the terms and conditions can join this emailing list; they can freely unsubscribe at any time.

5. Dos and Don’ts

  • “Hokudai URA-NeW” mainly focuses on information exchange. It is not, however, intended for any individual discussions or personal opinions.
  • When you quote passages from any post on this emailing list, you are recommended to indicate the source. Please clearly notify in your text when you are willing to give members permission to quote or reproduce your post.
  • This emailing list enables all members to mutually send and receive information. Please be careful to not distribute any unexpected/unintended email virus.
  • Members should refrain from any slander.
  • Any political/religious activity is strictly prohibited.
  • Registrants might be automatically rejected after three confirmation emails have returned to the administrator.
  • Members might be removed from the list and their re-registration might be denied if they continue to violate these terms and conditions despite repeated warnings.
  • These terms and conditions are subject to change. The administrators will post their intention to revise the terms and conditions on this emailing list a day before revision.
  • “Hokudai URA-NeW” might be suspended or terminated without prior notice.
  • Members can post only from registered email addresses.

6. Administrators’ Responsibilities

  • Administrators shall bear responsibility for smoothly operating “Hokudai URA-NeW.”
  • Administrators will not take responsibility for any content posted on “Hokudai URA-NeW.”

7. Default Settings

  • The email address of “Hokudai URA-NeW” is hokudaiura-new* (replace * with @).
  • The maximum size of one email should be 5MB (posting limit).
  • Files can be attached as long as the email size does not exceed the posting limit.

8. Inquiry

Please contact hokudaiura-new-owner* (replace * with @) for inquiry about “Hokudai URA-NeW.”

By clicking submit, you agree to the terms and conditions.
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To Unsubscribe

If you wish to be removed from “Hokudai URA-NeW,” please send a message to the following email address: hokudaiura-new-owner* (replace * with @)

How to Post

Please send an email to hokudaiura-new* (replace * with @)

Registration Form

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