【Change of Venue Nov.24 Seminar】 Call for Participants: Academic Writing Skills Seminar for Graduate Students and Young Researchers(10 & 24 Nov.)

Call for Participants: Academic Writing Skills Seminar for Graduate Students and Young Researchers(10 & 24 Nov.)

【Change of Venue Notice as of 2016.11.21】
November 24th Seminar will be held at Suzuki Akira Frontier Hall. The date and time of the seminar will remain the same.

< For Social Sciences and Humanities>
Thursday, November 10th, 2016
Room W2
Guide to Writing Journal Article (in English)
Rosalia Da Garcia, SAGE Publishing.
Advices from Senior Researcher (in Japanese)
Introduction to Open Access (in Japanese)
2016 SAGE – Hokkaido Award for Best Journal Article in Social Sciences (in Japanese)

< For Natural Sciences, Life Sciences, and Engineering>
Thursday, November 24th, 2016
Suzuki Akira Frontier Hall, Frontier Research in Applied Sciences Bldg.
Effectively Communicating Your Research (in English)
Trevor Lane, Dr. Edanz Editing Co.
Introduction to Open Access (in Japanese)


For registration, please send e-mail titled “Registration: Academic Writing Skills Seminar” with the following information in the text addressed to ura-seminar(at)cris.hokudai.ac.jp.

1. Name
2. Title
3. Affiliation
3.1. (Researchers Only) How long have you been affiliated with Hokkaido University
4. E-mail Address
5. The date of the seminar you plan to attend Nov. 10th, Nov. 24th, both
6. How do you know about this seminar?
7. How many English papers have you been written?
8. How many of your English papers have been accepted for peer-reviewed journal?
9. List three keywords which describe your current research project
10. If you would like to receive the information from Research Development Section in future, please write your e-mail address.

The information provided will be used by Research Development Section in conducting the business of the University. Such uses include matters related to planning and implementing the research development program, provision of services and the dissemination of information. The Research Development Section will not disclose personal identifiable information to parties outside the University.