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Positioning of the URA Station

The URA Station is positioned as a Research Promotion Hub within the Office for Enhancing Institutional Capacity under the direct control of the university president. It is working to enhance the capacity of the research university in collaboration with the university’s Creative Research Institution, Institute for the Promotion of Business-Regional Collaboration, Office of Institutional Research, and so on, while reflecting the opinions of the members of the Council for Enhancing Institutional Capacity for the Next Generation, an advisory body to the president.

Member Placement at the URA Station

Members of the URA Station also have a concurrent position in another organization within the university and are involved in the organizational operations and projects. In the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Advanced Life Science, in particular, URAs assume an important role as the Director of the Executive Office for Research Strategy there. URAs are also dispatched to the Faculty of Fisheries Sciences, the Research Institute for Electronic Science, the Education and Research Center for Mathematical and Data Science, the Institute for Chemical Reaction Design and Discovery (ICReDD), and the Data-Driven Research Emergence Department (D-RED). In this way, our flexible personnel system of placing URAs with pertinent expertise where they are needed has contributed to the smooth organizational and project operations.