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VISION URA Station taking the lead of Hokkaido University’s research administration

We have newly formulated our vision for 2030 and are working in close cooperation with the university executives, faculty, and administrative staff towards our three operational goals: 1) consolidating the university’s enriched research information, 2) strengthening our capacity for gathering updates on domestic and international research trends, and 3) actively collaborating with local communities in Hokkaido. We are especially focused on establishing a strong brand for the university that deserves its academic excellence, including its vast research fields best suited for “Practical Learning” that continue to attract researchers with frontier spirits.


MISSION URA Station Initiatives

Under the president’s governance, we conducts a wide range of activities together with the research executive, administrative organization, each research faculty and bureau, researchers, and domestic and international research organizations.

Funding Opportunities

URA Station provides researchers with various support measures to develop and acquire various sources of research funding, including Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research (KAKENHI). We aim to increase the adoption rate and the amount of funds obtained through these support measures to further enhance academic research at Hokkaido University.

Collaboration with Local Communities

Hokkaido tackles with some of the nation’s profound social issues. As a sole national university in the region, we take a lead in the process of problem-solving by maximizing the academic advantages of accumulated knowledge and creating platforms for communication between our university and local communities or other institutions.

Collaboration with Other Research Institutions

In order to respond swiftly to newly-created innovations and complex social issues, we find it essential to work together with external organizations. We encourage researchers' active engagement in comprehensive partnership agreements with other national research institutes, as well as manage new agreements and activities carried out under the responsibility of the partnerships.

Environment for Research Expansion

With the variety of financial support and research opportunities we offer, we are committed to facilitate solutions to various social issues, generate innovative ideas, and enhance the quality and quantity of research activities on and off campus.

Research Strategy for URA Activities

Our extensive collection of the university’s research information is constantly updated and analyzed to be the backbone of on-target research strategies that we present. We also work closely with other departments to assist them in strengthening every corner of our research support system.

Hokkaido University (Hokudai) Branding

Establishing “Hokkaido University x SDGs” is one of our important university branding efforts. Our engagement includes better positioning in university rankings and building a stronger brand for the university through these ranking assessments.

URA Structure

Aiming to promote further collaboration among URAs in the entire institution to provide researchers with enhanced assistance, we introduce and administer the URA certification system, along with temporal exchange of staff members.


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For Every KAKENHI Applicant

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