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Research Support Services

Hokkaido University Library

Access to e-journals and academic databases. Purchase service is also available.

International Collaboration

Institute for International Collaboration / University Research Administrator (International Matters)


URA at IIC offers the following consulting services on international collaboration:

Contact: taenau[at]

Academic-Industrial Collaboration

Institute for the Promotion of Business-Regional Collaboration

Support activities to promote collaboration with companies to researchers via consulting services. Details are provided at internal support pages at the institute.

Faculty Development

Center for Teaching and Learning

Faculty development programs and consultation services for class management

Press Release

General Affairs and Planning Department: Public Relations Division

The Public Relations Division handles the distribution of both Japanese and English press releases to the media. Scientific press releases in Japanese can be simultaneously distributed to more than 30 media outlets. English press releases are created from the pool of Japanese press releases based on their international news worthiness and distributed to more than 8,000 journalists and media outlets worldwide. Press releases are created with approval from the relevant department head, so please submit press release manuscripts through the relevant departmental office. Please see this page (available Japanese only) for more details regarding press release submissions.


Japanese press releases:
English press releases:


General Affairs and Planning Department: Public Relations Division

A guidebook on promotion of academic events for staff members of Hokkaido University is provided by the division.
REACH (Japanese only)

The division also coordinates dispatchment of lecturers to high schools in the Hokkaido Island. This project is partly supported by the Hokkaido Shimbun Press.
Contact: rso[at]

Communication in Science and Technology Education and Research Program (CoSTEP)

Faculty staff members of CoSTEP will offer some advices on various methods of academic outreach, such as science writing, website, video images, graphic arts, etc.
Consulting service (Japanese only)

Support for Female Researchers

Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

To promote activities of female researchers, the office provides several programs for developing human resources. Furthermore, the office organizes outreach events to provide information on carrier development for young women including high school and junior high school students to increase female researchers.
Contact: office[at]

Support for Foreign Researchers

I-HOP (Hokudai International Human Resource Development Program)

Career development support for foreign researchers is provided at this section.
Contact: ihop[at]